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Progressive cavity pumps from Mono Pumps (Australia)

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The Mono solar water pumping system from Mono Pumps (Australia) enables customers to save money, allowing them to concentrate on maximising productivity and profitability in agricultural operations. All systems from Mono Pumps (Australia) are pre-wired and assembled for trouble-free installation. Mono Pumps (Australia) incorporates a controller that allows maximising water output.

The entire range of solar pumping system, provided by Mono Pumps (Australia), includes stationary as well as GPS tracking arrays to suit installation needs. The PC pump range provided by Mono Pumps (Australia) consists of items such as Widethroat W, LF Dosing Pump, Low Flow Transfer Pumps and Merlin Compact C.

The principle in progressive cavity pump is well-suited for handling liquids that can be viscous, slurries, shear sensitive, 2 or 3 phase mixtures or even when applications needs significant suction lift capabilities. The inbuilt principle in the pump design is ideal for both low to high flow applications.

Mono Pumps (Australia) produces a pump range with different kinds of products that have flows ranging from 10 l/h up to 420,000 l/h. The design principle in the Mono pumps also allows growth of multi-stage pumps that increase pressure handling capabilities.

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