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Solar power pumping systems from Mono Pumps (Australia)

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Mono Pumps (Australia)  is a manufacturer of grinders, solar pumps, cavity pumps, screens and packaged solutions for a diverse variety of industrial sectors. Mono Pumps (Australia) was established in the year 1959.Mono Pumps (Australia) holds broad understanding, experience and a network of authorised agents and distributors. Mono Pumps (Australia) provides service facility to its customers, irrespective of the fluid handling requirement.

Mono Pumps (Australia) offers solar power pumping system, mining services, Versa-Matic pumps and wastewater products. Mono Pumps (Australia) also provides products such as PC pumps, Munchers, macerators, progressive cavity pump, screens and extractors, solar pumps, packaged systems, oilfield products, spares, submersible pumps, Rotary lobe pumps, St. Steel Centrif. pumps and Versa-Matic AODD Pumps.

In addition to the supply of equipment, Mono Pumps (Australia) provides corresponding range of services that are designed in order to assist customers from initial selection to ensure long and trouble-free operation. Mono Pumps (Australia) provides four types of solar pumps such as Sun-Sub range, Sun-Ray range and Sun-Downer range. The entire Mono solar water pumping systems offered by Mono Pumps (Australia) use the helical rotor principle which is proven to be suitable for solar water pumping.

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