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Monto Steel Products presents MSP Rapid Exit Dairy steel structures

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The Monto Steel Products Rapid Exit Dairy steel structures combine several key components to speed up the throughput of cows.

With the design of these steel structures, cows must travel the full length of the parlour before they can turn into their stall to access grain. As each cow turns in, she opens the way for the next cow and so on down the lane.

When the last cow enters her stall, the hydraulic gate at the entrance to the parlour comes down to block further entry. With the cows in position, the operator then activates an indexing cylinder which pushes the entire feed trough back at the cows, forcing them to back up against the rail and closer to the operator, making for easier and safer milking.

This also places them up against the gutter thus catching most of the manure before it has a chance to land on the floor or equipment. Because of the parallel stall design, bossy cows are not able to push more timid cows around thus making a calmer milking environment, which generally means less manure.
When the cows in the stalls have been milked, the indexing cylinder is released, drawing the feed trough away from the cows. With the operator still holding the lever, 2 hydraulic cylinders raise the entire trough above the cows, enabling them to exit quickly and efficiently.

When the trough is raised to its extremity it can activate feed hoppers which drop a measured amount of grain into each compartment of the trough. The trough is then lowered ready for the next intake of cows.

The MSP Rapid Exit Dairy is strongly built with galvanised pipe and heavy box section, with the feed trough being heavy galvanised sheet or stainless steel structures (if preferred).

The system is prefabricated in the workshop and freighted to the site ready for installation, which generally takes four or five days.

The length of time to train cows to enter parlours varies from parlour type to parlour type, but in the MSP Rapid Exit Dairy, the training takes about three days to get cows comfortable and seven days for them to give normal milk quantities and even improve yield.

The parallel parlour concept offers considerable advantages in:

  • operator safety
  • parlour efficiency
  • cow positioning
  • milker positioning and construction; and
  • installation and environmental expense.

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