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Red Angus cattle from Moorefields Red Angus

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Moorefields Red Angus  is a recently established Australian breeder that specialises in cattle from the Red Angus breed. Moorefields Red Angus,through its selection of heifers and cows from existing markets, expands its herd numbers with the help of North American embryos. The company is involved in breeding high quality Red Angus cattle.

Moorefields Red Angus consists of part-time managers who assist customers in enquiries of any kind. The main aim of Moorefields Red Angus is to provide quality animals for stud and commercial cattle operations. The company also offers animals for the cross-breeding markets especially in Queensland and north New South Wales.

Moorefields Red Angus does not retain commercial stocks on its property. Bulls from Moorefields Red Angus are sold when they are 18 months old and above. The company promotes its breeds in collaboration with the Red Angus Beef Cattle Society of Australia. Moorefields Red Angus is also committed to exhibiting its breeds at a number of agricultural shows in the country. The Moorefields Red Angus farm is located 28 kilometres north of Crookwell in the southern tablelands of New South Wales.

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