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Traits of Red Angus cattle from Moorefields Red Angus

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Moorefields Red Angus  breeds Red Angus cattle that are less prone to heat in the tropics. The red body colour of the Angus reflects the sunlight much better than other black-bodied breeds. The red Angus of Moorefields Red Angus includes carcass-quality, absence of sunburned udders and cancer eye, polled traits, solid colour as well as general vigour which are natural assets of these breeds.

Calving is easier in the red Angus because of the reasonably smaller calves at birth, milking ability of cows. These are some of the well-known features of the breed. Red Angus includes all the quantities of a Black Angus plus few extra benefits. The Angus breed offered by Moorefields Red Angus just differs in skin colour.

Moorefields Livestock Transport provided by Moorefields Red Angus is available to hire cattle, sheep or hay. The Crookwell region is famous for its sheep and wool production, potato cropping, and also a wind farm. Crookwell region also has strong cattle industry with many Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn studs round the corner. Crookwell region, at an altitude of almost 900 metres receives about 32 inches of rainfall annually. These also fall as snow two-three times a year. The temperature in this region range from minus 8 degree centigrade in winter through to 38 degree centigrade in summer.

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