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Growers reap rewards with new plastic bins from Moreno Global Plastics

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The Australian fruit and fresh produce industry is set to move forward within the packing arena with the impending release of new specifically designed quarter and half plastic bins from Moreno Global Plastics .

When it comes to plastic bins, Moreno Global Plastics have been in the business since the 1960's when Cesare Moreno Scartozzi, Managing Director of the company, started the family owned business within the Australian food industry. Since then Moreno Global Plastics have built a name for themselves amongst growers and packers nationwide. Moreno Global Plastics are famous for their five star products and first class service and delivery.

Since the Agricultural Plastic Bins were first manufactured in Australia some 12 years ago, Moreno Global Plastics affiliated itself with the industry and began marketing and selling the bins Australia wide. Despite the difficulties in developing market awareness in the early days, his persistence and personality have earned him a network of clients who continue to do business with him year after year.

“Over the years, Australia has been slow to adopt the new system, but those who have are extremely happy and benefiting from the changes that had to be made initially to some of their equipment (such as bin tippers and graders). The affect on operation is remarkable, it means that a growers entire process speeds up. Sanitizing is easier, crops cool down a lot quicker, and the best results are, far less damage to produce, transport and storage costs are minimized, the bins do not alter weight and believe it or not, there is “NO maintenance," says Cesare.

“In Australia today, it is almost a necessity to change from wood to plastic, especially with the market demanding excellent quality at good prices, so with rewards such as these bins offer, everyone is happy," he adds. 

Moreno Global Plastics supply a wide variety of bins throughout Australia, offering a bin solution for every application, from agriculture and horticulture to fisheries, abattoirs and meat processors. Furthermore, these plastic bins can be used for any type of light to heavy industrial requirements including transport and storage.
Moreno Global Plastics largest market is fruit and vegetables because it is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia with the highest demands. Moreno has supplied bins for stone fruit, apple, pear, citrus, and vege markets for many years and have recently announced the forthcoming release of their latest addition the “Quarter Bin BB450” with an internal depth of 300mm.
This latest addition will complete the full range of sophisticated pallet bins with the Half Bin560, the Minibins Collapsible and the Nally 780 & 730 Megabins.

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