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Standard size heavy duty cradles from Morrissey & Co

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The standard size heavy duty cradle provided by Morrissey & Co weighs 75 kilograms and features similar sizes like that of the standard calf cradle. The heavy duty cradle can be reinforced for use with larger calves. The variable option from Morrissey & Co is custom designed as per customer’s requirements. The variable option provided Morrissey & Co include feature like head rest option.

The weaner cradle offered by Morrissey & Co weighs 98 kilogram and encompasses features such as unsuitable for handling small calves, overall 10 percent larger and works on same principal like that of standard cradle. The extra heavy weaner cradle weighs 160 kilogram and includes features such as same size as weaner cradle, checker plate replaces sheet, welded on both sides, springs to assist lifting cradle back into catching position, bolting stand, and so on.

The calf race provided by Morrissey & Co is made out of steel which are ideal for portable or permanent yards. The calf race from Morrissey & Co includes optional panels as well as mounting attachments. The stainless steel brands from Morrissey & Co comprises of features such as no shale, made to last a lifetime, open back to minimise blotching and hand forged.

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