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Stock handling equipment from Morrissey & Co

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Morrissey & Co  is a manufacturer and designer of quality stock handling equipment. Morrissey & Co offers a variety of calf and weaner cradles such as standard calf branding cradles, standard size heavy duty cradles, weaner cradles and extra heavy weaner cradles. The standard calf branding cradle from Morrissey & Co weigh 65 kilogram and includes features such as fitted with any Morrissey catch and spear or Meng latch, safe and efficient for operator and calf.

The calf frame from Morrissey & Co is mounted at the end of a race. Morrissey & Co recommends customers to use cement block or slabs to bolt the calf frame. The calf frame can be bolted on a firmly positioned log or rails that are having a flat surface of 3 inch. Morrissey & Co also recommends its customers to use motor tyre on the ground to break the fall of the calf. When the calf of Morrissey & Co comes through the race in to the frame, the side which is nearer to the operator is pushed in order to tightly grip the calf. The calf is securely held for ear marking, marking, innoculations, branding and dehorning.

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