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Cattle and beef services from Mort & Co

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Mort & Co  works closely with graziers whose cattle are finished through lot feeding systems in order to provide for consistent production of beef cattle. Mort & Co also procures cattle on behalf of its clients and investors in the market place to ease the differences in supply from graziers.

Mort & Co, with the help of lot feeding systems, provides beef processors with a guaranteed number of cattle on a regular basis at an agreed price. At present, Mort & Co supplies steers and heifers to major domestic markets along with grain fed bullocks, as per the requirements of major export processors. Mort & Co consists of an extensive cattle management system and feeds cattle in National Feedlot Accredited Feedlots. Mort & Co also utilises Trucksafe transport operators to ensure that the cattle is safely transported to beef processing plants.

Mort & Co operates a successful income fund in order to deliver consistent returns to unit holders. In order to continue business, the company has established the Mort Feedlot Services Project which provides investors with taxation benefits. Cattle funds from Mort & Co provides customers with the opportunity to take part in the Australian lot feeding industry.

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