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Cattle management services from Mort & Co

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Mort & Co  is a management and marketing company in the feeding industry. Mort & Co was established in the year 1843. The beef produce offered to the domestic and export beef markets are of good quality and consistency. It is also competitively priced. The product range from Mort & Co comprises of beef supply, investor services, grazier services, and lot feeding services. 

Mort & Co is spread across the eastern states of Australia. Mort & Co Lot Feeders, a subsidiary of Mort & Co, operates feed lots across the eastern states of Australia. This has helped to increase the numbers of cattle on feed, reduce overhead costs and provide improved efficiencies. These feedlots are utilised in combination with custom feedlots in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

MMort & Co also manages a funds management business with wholesale as well as retail investment products. Mort & Co, a supply management company, focuses on supplying regular quality and volumes of cattle to beef marketing companies and for Australian beef processors. Mort & Co manages an average annual turnover of more than 130,000 heads of cattle which are meant for f domestic and international markets.

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