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Grazier services from Mort & Co

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Cattle funds from Mort & Co offer investors with a regular income in the form of quarterly distributions. Grazier Services, a division of Mort & Co Livestock, works specifically with graziers and agricultural producers to provide the supply and management of feeder cattle.

Managers from Mort & Co have an in depth knowledge and experience in all the agricultural services of the Mort & Co Livestock business. The company strives to offer customers with opportunities for the supply of retained ownership feeder cattle. Mort & Co finances all lot feeding operations that are relevant to the feeding period. Business owners, too, receive the net advance immediately after the sales proceeds have been met. 

Mort & Co also provides customers with the opportunity to feed their cattle at a number of selected National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) feedlots. The lot feeding service from Mort & Co increases the number of cattle on the feed system. 

Mort & Co is in constant communication with major processors in the country. This positions the company to market their prime cattle effectively while providing maximum returns to cattle owners.

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