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Regulators, battery testers and maximisers from Mr Inverter

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Mr Inverter  provides a variety of regulators such as 12 volt regulators, 24 volt regulators and selectable DC voltage regulators. The solar grid connect systems offered by Mr Inverter include the Gridpower 1 Kilowatt complete kit, Gridpower 1.5 Kilowatt complete kit, Gridpower 2 Kilowatt complete kit, Gridpower 3 Kilowatt complete kit, Gridpower 4 Kilowatt complete kit and Gridpower 5 Kilowatt complete kit. Mr Inverter also provides inverter accessories such as ring terminals, cables, circuit breakers, battery switches, Anderson plugs, stud type insulators, panel meters and battery terminals.

Mr Inverter offers battery testers like the Batmax Battery/Alternator tester BT/02 and Batmax Battery/Alternator tester BT/01. Tools from the company include torches, driver bit sets, multimeters and ratchets. The solar panel variety from Mr Inverter is available in sharp panels, battery saver kits, small solar panels, mounting kits and BP panels. Megapulse and Batmax are two battery maximisers from the company.

Megapulse battery maximisers from Mr Inverter include the Megapulse 12 Vdc Battery Maximiser, Megapulse 24 Volt Battery Maximiser, Megapulse 36 Volt Battery Maximiser and Megapulse 48 Volt Battery Maximiser. These are available in various power capacities to suit customer requirements.  

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