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Fertilisers and animal products from Muddle's Farm Centre

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Muddle's Farm Centre  stocks and recommends Pedigree products for dogs. The Pedigree Meaty Bites provided by Muddle's Farm Centre helps dogs keep up their strength and power, keeping them in fine working condition. The Pedigree Meaty Bites from Muddle's Farm Centre provides dogs with enduring energy, strengthened immune system, muscular strength and power, improved skin protection and a shiny coat, alertness and responsiveness.

Gallagher Australia supplies farm products to Muddle's Farm Centre. The main product supplied by Gallagher Australia include Ruddweigh system which enables farmers to measure feed conversion through monitoring weight gain over the time in order to maximise yield, confirm animal weights prior to mating, monitor animal health, determine weaning weights, select animals by weight for sale and slaughter, evaluate breeding performance for genetic selection, maximise the benefits of having animals with electronic ear tags.

Muddle's Farm Centre also offers a large range of Coopers quality animal health care products such as nutritional supplements, worm control, fly and tick treatments, lice protection, vaccines, disinfectants, intramammary antibiotics. The Incitec Pivot fertiliser product offered by Muddle's Farm Centre includes variety such as Nutrient Advantage & Granam, urea & Granulock and Super - Greentop – Aftergraze.

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