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Multiquip  operates a diverse range of industries such as Multiquip Engineering, Multiquip Incubators & Poultry, Multiquip Transport and Multiquip Quarries. Multiquip was established in the year 1984. Multiquip provides wide range of products at a competitive price. Multiquip has grown-up from a level that was primarily involved in manufacturing products for the poultry industry to a manufacturing business that enables to meet all the requirements of customers.

Multiquip in addition includes diverse range of poultry equipment such as shed building, egg incubators that are ideal for both commercial and hobby market, contracting to manufacture equipment for other companies and some one-off jobs. The engineering division of Multiquip manufactures as well as custom designs wide range of products for the transport section.

Multiquip Engineering, a part of multiquip group manufactures granulated discharge system which helps to pump product from trailers into silos. Granulated discharge system from Multiquip is used in both agricultural applications such as industrial applications such as plastic's cartage and chicken feed cartage. Multiquip also provides its customers with variety of products ranging from small specialised bolts and nuts to large semi trailer chassis. Multiquip Engineering is innovative in providing Engineering solutions. The capabilities of engineering division of Multiquip comprises of full Boilermaking, Sheetmetal and Machining services.

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