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Multiquip  offers hassle free, professional services and products which meets the diverse expectations of its customers. Multiquip Transport is a part of the Multiquip Group and operates under the name of S & L Mikosic. S & L Mikosic operates more than 15 trailers and truck which is fitted with a Multiquip granulated discharge system. The granulated discharge system from Multiquip helps to pump feed from truck to silo at a rate of 1 minute and 20 seconds per tonne.

The truck services from S & L Mikosic provides feed recovery services, stock feed cartage, wheat deliveries from farm to mill, refrigerated fertile egg cartage and delivery of quarry product. Multiquip provides egg hatchers, exotic bird incubators, exotic bird brooders, reptile incubators, egg trays, thermometers, fertility testers and so on.

Multiquip offers spare parts and stands such as E1 & E2 Incubator Automatic Turner (optional), E1, E2 & E3 Plastic Moisture Tray Lid, E1 Moisture Tray Kit Complete, E2 Moisture Tray Kit Complete, Fan Motor Only for E1, E2, & E3, Fan Motor and Blade Complete for E1, E2 & E3, Digital Electronic Temperature Control Thermostat for E3 and so on.

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