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Alternative Fertilizer Group wins cropping competition

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Central Highlands Agribusiness Forum (CHAF) held their first annual cropping competition. Laurie Norman, Chief Executive Officer of CHAF said “...The objectives for the competition were to develop greater awareness and interest in the local community and to learn from each other the best management  tools and decisions to improve crop performance”.  The highest yield was achieved by the young farmers group however the overall winner the alternative fertilizer group who used products from Munash .  “The alternative fertilizer group were able to show that selling organic milling grade wheat can command a premium price tag” Laurie  said.

The participants included five groups:

  • Mature farmers
  • Young farmers
  • Agronomists
  • Alternative fertilizer group
  • Financial professionals  and accountants and bankers
The alternative group consisted of Ian Munro from Munash Natural Fertilizers, Andrew and Ben Fawcett, Mark Ross, Tim Barry, John Bedwell, David Fraser,  Matt Best, and Stephen Kinnersly.  “The CHAF trials are a great way to communicate with the local community different ways of farming whilst growing and  maintaining better crops.”  Ian Munro said. The group went about preparing the trial site by deep ripping their ground to 30cm to increase aeration in the soil structure, which then opens up the locked elements in the soil much quicker and stimulates bacteria.   They applied Eco-min Balance, a mineral based fertilizer from Munash, together with  John Bedwell’s own bacteria to both the seed and soil. 

Mr. Munro felt it was really important to be a part of the trials with CHAF as they do a terrific job in communicating and engaging local communities. “We feel our role as the alternative farming group is to create awareness to others that there are simple and effective ways to be sustainable,  environmentally friendly and cost effective.   We are aiming to go even better next year with higher yields” Ian concluded.

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