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Eco-Min rock mineral fertiliser, from Munash, assists in soil remineralisation

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Now available from Munash , Eco-Min is a rock mineral fertiliser made from specially selected metaphoric and volcanic rock, which helps with soil remineralisation and is ideal as an alternative to chemical fertilisers.

Eco-Min is a natural rock mineral fertiliser which is bonded to give a slow release of broad spectrum elements required for microbial and plant growth. It consists of specifically selected igneous and metamorphic rock types which are formulated as a semi-granulated products blended with a patented activating agent.

Eco-Min is a unique blend that reacts with the soil microbes to release valuable minerals and trace elements into the soil. It has the ability to balance all elements regardless of whether they are high or low, and to assist all other fertilisers to work more efficiently.

Soils are the source of life, and when they are balanced and remineralised they provide an environment for micro-organisms to prosper which enrich our soils to multiply.

Scientific tests have proven that remineralised soils capture and store carbon, reducing climate change. Carbon will also absorb four parts of water, meaning Eco-Min rock mineral fertiliser conserves up to 30% more moisture ensuring rain stays where it falls and is utilised more efficiently by plants.

Eco-Min treated soils, previously treated with chemical fertilisers, will come back to life with billions of microbes supplying root systems with an abundance of nutrients, minerals and trace elements, and ultra trace elements.

Eco-min rock mineral fertiliser also increases plant chlorophyll and brix levels, two key factors in healthy plant growth.

Eco-Min rock mineral fertiliser enables plants to become more resistant to climate cycles of drough, frost and heat conditions. It also repells insect pests due to its high brix level (sugar/mineral content).

Eco-min rock mineral fertilser is not soluble in water; therefore, it does not pollute soils, waterways or groundwater. It is also harmless to humans and animals.

An adequate supply of minerals and trace elements is essential for efficient, productive soils. Minerals are removed continuously from soil by erosion, leaching and agricultural practices such as over-grazing and crop harvesting. Eco-Min rock mineral fertiliser supplies soils with over 90 elements, thus providing long term benefits.

Eco-Min rock mineral fertiliser also makes more efficient use of available nutrients within the soil by reducing nutrient leaching and lock-up of water-soluble fertilizers, meaning significant savings on fertiliser products.

Insects and disease are the symptoms of a failing crop and unbalanced soils, not the cause of it. Plants grown in remineralised soil, such as those treated with Eco-Min rock mineral fertilisers, are so resilient they don’t need pesticides, herbicides or any other chemical products. Pests like plants which are low in energy and sugar levels, so to control them naturally all that is required is to increase the sugar and mineral content in the plants.

Where necessary, Eco-Min rock mineral fertiliser can be applied proportionally with conventional fertilizers reducing the amount of conventional fertilizer usage over a two to five year period. Munash recommend an application rate of 200kg to 300kg per hectare.

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