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Getting the most out of a crop by using Munash Fertilisers

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Munash offers some advice on how to make the most out of a crop by using Munash Fertilizers. According to Ian Munro, Managing Director of Munash Natural Fertilizers, the best way to do this is to start at the beginning, with the soil, as out of balance soil affects the health of  everything from plants and crops to animals and humans.  Ian Munro is an experienced Soil Agronomist and an avid ambassador for working with nature to restore the health of our soils and the environment.  He has a wealth of knowledge, which Ian shares regularly.  He provides soil and agronomy advice for all types of industries including vegetables, potatoes, broad acre cropping, lucerne, pastures, tree crops, all cereals, dairy and organics.

Even in time of the poor economic and drought conditions there are realistic and affordable options for landholders. Munash fertilizers achieve results in increasing yields, conserving up to 30% more moisture, increasing organic carbon levels naturally, improving soil fertility and biological life.  Munash fertilizers are improving the quality of food as crops produced from healthy, balanced and remineralised soils are more nutritious and flavourful.

Lack of productivity, poor results and the high price of fertilizers are common issues. At Munash,  prices of fertilizers are kept low and extremely competitive. They work with the landholders to achieve results within their budget requirements.  Munash are well known for their natural fertilizers such as Eco-Min, but they also provide the total package of soil specialist advice, product supply, all types of seeds, delivery and spreading.  Their spreading and sales team are highly skilled operators who have grown up on the land recognising  the need to continually nourish and feed the soil.

The message that Munash are trying to get out there is that it is still possible to make a profitable living from the land simply by working with nature and using the right products, such as Munash fertilizers.

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