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Mungatta Gemini and Mungatta Generic bulls from Mungatta Murray Grey Stud

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Mungatta Murray Grey Stud  provides a diverse range of beef cattle sires of Murray Grey breed. These beef cattle sires include different varieties of bulls. Some of the bulls supplied by Mungatta Murray Grey Stud include Mungatta Gemini Two, Mungatta Gear Shift, Mungatta Generic, Mungatta Galactic, Mungatta Geronimo, Mungatta Giant, Mungatta General, Mungatta Ginger and Mungatta Greco types.

Mungatta Murray Grey Stud also supplies several other bull varieties including Mungatta Grey Power, Mungatta Globe Trotter, Mungatta Granadier and Mungatta Grandeur. The first sire to be purchased by Mungatta Murray Grey Stud includes Michaelong Champagne Charlie. This sire possesses several attributes including sound structure, well built muscles and balance. Several progenies of this sire have also won awards at Perth Royal Show and various other shows conducted throughout Australia. This stud emphasises more on the overall performance of the bulls. Beef cattle sires of Mungatta cattle have also been presented in the 2004 Group Breeders Plan Stud Sire Analysis for calculating index ratios.

Mungatta Murray Grey Stud operates in conjunction with mixed farming in the wheat belt region of Western Australia. The cattle of this stud are allowed to graze along with merino sheep.

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