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Hydraulic auger motors from Munro Engineers

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Munro Engineers  offers a diverse range of machines including hydraulic power packs, low flow hydraulic auger motors, augers, cutters and special purpose machines. Special purpose machines from Munro Engineers include tandem machines, power feed machines, mid mounted machines, guard rail guide machines and post lifting attachments. Tandem machines have been specifically designed for vineyard and multi fence line works. Power feed machines can be used for increasing the down force on diggers, while mid mounted machines can be installed either on the side of tractors or trucks. Post lifting attachments from Munro Engineers have been specifically designed for moving heavy posts.

Low flow hydraulic auger motors from Munro Engineers are suitable for a variety of tractors. These motors ensure the maintenance of accurate auger revolutions at normal tractor engine speeds. Augers from Munro Engineers are available with carbide tipped cutting faces, while cutters consist of central rock cutting bits. Augers possess the capability to drill to a minimum depth of about 1140 millimetres. Hydraulic power packs have been designed for tractors devoid of suitable remote hydraulics. These machines provide reliable and efficient operations.

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