Post driver fencing machinery

Multi-Sett, Tele-Sett and Sideshift Fence Post Drivers
Multi-Sett, Tele-Sett and Sideshift Fence Post Drivers

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Fence Post Drivers

Munro, established in 1800’s are renowned throughout the engineering industry for their range of fencing machinery. Munro Post Drivers are the first company in the world to combine a fast drilling auger with a powerful post driver. Munro has also been proven to be the best in the field with their post hole diggers since the 1960’s.

The Munro Multi-Sett  Fence Post Drivers are one of the most efficient and economical machines on the market, that can be used every day in all weather conditions.

Powerful post driver which sets a tight post every time
This combination of accuracy and speed, ensures the fencing machine is labour saving, quick, resourceful and cost effective.

  • Designed to create a fast action earth auger for drilling pilot holes  
  •  Least oil back pressure of all post drivers
  • Up to 2700 Joules of impact energy (measured)
  • The hydraulic post drivers feature ergonomic controls
  • This fencing equipment features an auto digger option
  • Low friction UHMWPE slide blocks
  • Hydraulic tilts and sideshift
  • Auger bleed valve for ultimate control
  • These post diggers are strong as well as being lightweight
  • Can be used on materials from treated pine, and railway sleepers to concrete and steel

Munro Tele-Sett
The Munro Tele-Sett is all the features of the Multi-Sett with the added bonus of being able to drive extra long posts and to drive them deep. This fencing machinery is ideal for those in need of specialist tall fencing and post work.

Munro Sideshift
The Munro side shift allows mounting of the Post Sett sideways, with respect to the tractor.

The Post Sett retracted out of the way of posts and wires while the tractor is driven straight along one side. The Munro range,  Multi-Sett or Tele-Sett or with Side Shift represents the complete answer to flexible, fast, high capacity fencing work.

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