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Bulls and heifers for sale from Myrtledale Brahmans

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Myrtledale Brahmans  offers a diverse range of purebred breeding bulls, bulls for sale, herd and females. Herd bulls from Myrtledale Brahmans include bulls in the age group of an average of two years. These herd bulls are sold in paddocks that are located at Old Victoria Downs. Females from Myrtledale Brahmans consist of purebred heifers. These females are bred in commercial herds at Old Victoria Downs. Sale bulls are sold through public auctions and consist of bulls ranging from two years to about 2.5 years.

Sale bulls from Myrtledale Brahmans are available at affordable rates and possess high potential. Myrtledale Brahmans ensures the supply of quality bulls. Herd bulls from Myrtledale Brahmans possess high performance abilities and good temperament. These herd bulls can be purchased at a very young age for enabling herd integration processes.

Heifers from Myrtledale Brahmans are bred using commercial herds. These females form a foundation base for breeders and commercial breeding purposes. Myrtledale Brahmans produces about 250 to 300 heifers on a yearly basis. These heifers are sold at cost effective rates.

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