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Commercial breeding bulls from Myrtledale Brahmans

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Myrtledale Brahmans  provides purebred breeding bulls. These bulls are available at cost effective rates in combination with high beef traits. Myrtledale Brahmans supplies these purebred breeding bulls to the Northern Australian graziers. The bulls of Myrtledale Brahmans possess high degree of temperament. Myrtledale Brahmans has been started by Bob Hyden. Myrtledale Brahmans breeds cattle for two functions such as beef production as well as for attaining calm temperament of bulls. These bulls also produce quality calves.

Myrtledale Brahmans joined the Australian Brahman Breeders Association in the year 1968. This stud had also been allied with Avondale Brahman Stud in the year 1988. This partnership resulted in enhancement of the female base of Myrtledale Brahmans. Bulls supplied by Myrtledale Brahmans include age groups from two years to about 2.5 years. These bulls are grown in Marengo as well as Bowen regions and sold by Myrtledale Brahmans with the help of public auctions. Myrtledale Brahmans sells the bulls through Dalrymple Saleyards that is located in Queensland. These bulls possess exceptionally high breeding rates in combination with functional traits. Myrtledale Brahmans supplies these bulls at cost effective rates.

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