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NSW Farmers Association represents farmers across the state

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article image NSW Farmers Association represents farmers across NSW

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The NSW Farmers Association is a non-profit body that represents and acts on behalf of all farmers in the state of New South Wales.  

The association is comprised of individuals who are highly experienced when it comes to policy analysis and industrial relations.  

This helps to ensure the facilitation of meaningful relationships with politicians and policy makers, which allows for the debate and discussion of new policies and legislation that will benefit farmers across NSW.    

Importantly, many have extensive experience working alongside rural communities and the farmers who reside within them. This ensures the association is well versed when it comes to the needs, values and day-to-day lives of farmers in the state.  

The NSW Farmers Association offers a number of services to its members, including:  

  • Industrial relations: include the provision of telephone advice from trained Industrial staff, access to the Rural Wage Guide and notifications of Award changes.  
  • Education and training: members are able to complete training courses at discounted prices.  
  • MSC and RMC support: association members have access to an information and assistance line, which is toll free.  
  • Member representation: the association represents member interests via politicking, rallying, attaining media coverage and organising events.  
  • Online shopping: contains clothing, accessories, memorabilia and collectables for members.

Members are also entitled to discount services from a range of association sponsors, including Mitsubishi and WFI Insurance.  

Membership is open to businesses and individuals who are involved in the farming industry or live in rural areas in NSW.  

To ensure individual needs are adequately catered for, the association offers a range of different membership types, from full producer (PC) and retired memberships through to young and student memberships.

Photo: a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) from richardghawley's Flickr photo stream

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