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Zimbo and Nalpa Warrior sires from Nalpa Simmental Stud

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Nalpa Simmental Stud  provides Simmental breed of herd sires. Different varieties of these sires include Zimbo, Nalpa Warrior, Nalpa Redgum, Nalpa Vincent and Nalpa Ashville. Zimbo sire is a poll bull with attributes like thick and well proportioned stature. This bull has been bred from German Simmental Fleckvieh.

Nalpa Warrior breed of sire from Nalpa Simmental Stud has a mature weight of about 1100 kilograms. This sire had 200 day weight averaging to about 23 kilograms with milk production ranging to about 11 kilograms. Nalpa Redgum sire has a total weight of about 1200 kilograms with other features such as long body and smooth shoulders. Nalpa Vincent sire had birth weight averaging to about 3.2 kilograms. Nalpa Ashville is composed of several unique attributes such as well muscled body, heavily boned stature and easy calving ability.

Nalpa Redgum sire from Nalpa Simmental Stud possesses the capability to produce calves efficiently. This sire has total milk production rate averaging to about 11 kilograms with rib fat content of about -0.3 kilograms. Nalpa warrior has rib fat content averaging to about 0.4 kilograms.

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