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Commercial cattle from Nargoon Stud

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Nargoon Stud  specialises in providing commercial breeds of cattle. This stud provides cattle with functional attributes including good temperament, high fertility rate, softness and high growth rates. Nargoon Stud houses cattle of Nargoon breed in combination with Charolais as well as Charbray breeds. Nargoon Stud had been established in the year 1914.

Nargoon Stud conducts advanced artificial insemination programmes on a yearly basis by using highly productive females of the stud. The cows of Nargoon Stud begin to calve at an early period that is followed by weaning of these calves. Heifers are mated at about two years of age. These cattle are also evaluated for several traits including temperament, fertility, mothering ability, milk production as well as doing ability.

Nargoon Stud weans different bulls for sale at about 9 to 10 months. These bulls are supplied to improved forest country with the onset of spring season. Bulls from Nargoon Stud are fed on oats in combination with low grain content. These bulls are completely vaccinated as well as soundness evaluated. Nargoon Stud has also won several prime cattle championships such as Grand Champion and Royal Brisbane Show.

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