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Cattle yards from National Stockyard Systems

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National Stockyard Systems  specialises in the manufacture of livestock handling equipment. Diverse range of livestock handling equipment includes cattle yards, sheep yards, horse yards, calf cradles, loading ramps, general panels and headbails. Cattle yards are available in varying panel styles as well as designs.

Cattle yards designed by National Stockyard Systems consist of wide entrance gates. These gates include Rail Hunter entrance gates with dimensions of about four metres. The large steel profile provides a square shape to the yards. The gates of these cattle yards can be latched from any position that enables efficient cattle flow within the yard.

Rail profiles of cattle yards have been manufactured from steel. These profiles are available in double symmetric oval shape that enables to increase strength as well as stiffness of yards. Rails have been designed by using high tensile grade steel that comply with industry standards. Rail profiles have been galvanised for providing protection from rusting. These rails have been coated with hot dip galvanised coatings. These coatings are applied by using specialised process on ferrous hollow sections. Cattle yards designed by National Stockyard Systems are available at cost effective rates.

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