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Seed of Australian native grasses, trees, shrubs, daisies, ground covers, reeds, rushes, aquatics for sale


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28/08/12 - The quality of a property’s pastures will directly affect the health and survival rate of stock. By ensuring pastures are healthy, stock survival rates will be high.
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08/08/12 - The team at Native Seeds explain that native grasses are ideal for horse pastures as they effectively prevent the debilitating condition of equine laminitis in horses.
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22/07/08 - Native Seeds offers grains of hard Australian native grass varieties such as Alpine rice. These grains are supplied after a thorough cleaning process. Grains of Alpine rice need to be boiled prior to cooking and mixing with other ingredients.
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21/07/08 - Native Seeds produces seeds of various Australian native grass such as hairy armgrass, spear grass and redgrass. Seeds of hairy armgrass must be sown in seedbeds that are devoid of weeds.
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