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Alpine rice grains from Native Seeds

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Native Seeds  offers grains of hard Australian native grass varieties such as Alpine rice. These grains are supplied after a thorough cleaning process. Grains of Alpine rice need to be boiled prior to cooking and mixing with other ingredients. These grains can be used for the preparation of muffins, pie crusts, breads, pan cakes as well as cakes. Alpine rice grass is similar to common rice plant and is composed of about 22 percent of protein. The starch content of common rice is similar to that of Alpine rice.

Alpine rice from Native Seeds is a perennial grass that adapts easily with Australian growing conditions. Native Seeds supplies Alpine rice in different quantities of 500 grams and one kilogram. Alpine rice is a highly nutritious and edible grain that is composed of high protein content. This provides a suitable alternative to common rice and can be cooked in a similar method.

Native Seeds supplies seeds of spear grasses. These seeds have to be sown below the soil surface at depth of about five to ten millimetres. Seeds of spear grass are ideal to be grown either in autumn or winter seasons. These seeds possess several attributes including tolerance to heat, acid soil, high drought as well as frost conditions.

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