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Hairy armgrass and redgrass seeds from Native Seeds

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Native Seeds  produces seeds of various Australian native grass such as hairy armgrass, spear grass and redgrass. Seeds of hairy armgrass must be sown in seedbeds that are devoid of weeds. Hairy armgrass seeds have small size and are usually sown in conventional method with the help of small seed box. These grasses are tolerant to drought, heat as well as frost conditions. Hairy armgrass thrives well in both open pasture as well as woodlands. These grasses grow in different types of soils. This Australian native grass is a valuable as well as fast growing fodder that is capable of producing fodder in large quantities. Hairy armgrass is a short lived perennial that attains a maximum height averaging to about 0.5 metres.

Redgrass seeds from Native Seeds are available in two varieties such as Bass and LIG 002 types. Bass variety of this grass has been specifically developed for amenity as well as turf applications. These grasses possess characteristics including fine texture of leaves and upright seedheads. Lachlan or LIG 002 variety of redgrass is capable of tolerating high temperatures, low rainfall as well as regular grazing conditions. Redgrass is a warm season perennial grass that attains a maximum height of about 80 centimetres. This grass thrives well in harsh dryland conditions and other environments including coastal areas, slopes as well as tablelands.

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