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Native perennial grasses develop drought resistant pastures

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The quality of a property’s pastures will directly affect the health and survival rate of stock. By ensuring pastures are healthy, even during drought, stock survival rates will continue to be high.

The Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Coordinating Committee (UMCCC) advises that increasing the level of perennial grasses in a pasture can enhance its resiliency to drought.

Perennial grasses, particularly native species, strengthen a pasture and make them more resilient to drought by:

  • Promoting soil stability, which can help to prevent soil erosion
  • Infiltrating large quantities of water 
  • Combating salinity and soil acidity
Healthy pastures attract native flora and fauna, and they provide stock with quality feed which in turn enhances their chances of survival during times of drought.

According to the Australian Bureau of Meterology “Australia is the direst inhabited continent” and it’s “climate is highly variable.”

Over time, native perennial grasses have evolved and adapted to Australia’s harsh climatic conditions, which makes them highly resistant to drought.

The team at Native Seeds offer a range of different native perennial grasses that are particularly suitable for property’s that are commonly affected by drought.

These include:

  • Weeping grass – a cool season, tufted perennial grass with a high drought resistance
  • Wallaby grass – a cool season, erect grass with fine leaves and a high drought, heat and acid soil tolerance
  • Wheat grass – an all year grass with narrow leaves and a high tolerance to drought
  • Redgrass – a warm season grass that can withstand long periods of drought
  • Kangaroo grass – a warm season grass with long, thin leaves with a high resistant to drought
By planting native perennial grasses in your pastures the likelihood of these pastures continuing to survive and is greatly enhanced. This ensures your stock will have access to sufficient food, even during times of drought.

It is incredibly important to be well prepared for drought, so ensure you plant these grasses as soon as possible.

Native Seeds are highly knowledgeable when it comes to native perennial grasses, and they are the number one supplier of native seeds in Australia.

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