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Seeds of barbed wire grass from Native Seeds

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Native Seeds  specialises in the production and supply of a diverse range of seeds of several Australian grasses. Native Seeds sells seeds of barbed wire grass as well as cotton panic grass. Barbed wire grass specifically grows in coastal areas. These grasses also thrive well on lighter soils as well as stony slopes. Barbed wire grass is a perennial plant that produces seeds having barbed wire appearance. These seeds have branched seedheads that are distinctive because of obtuse angled appearance.

Barbed wire grass from Native Seeds includes upright and non spreading plants that attain maximum height ranging from 1.2 metres to about 1.5 metres. This grass is capable of growing under harsh climatic conditions. These grasses can be used for several purposes such as production of valuable fodder and high quality of fodder produced even on poor soil types. The seeds of barbed wire grass from Native Seeds need to be sown into a weed free seedbed in conjunction with an inert carrier like vermiculite. These seeds need to be surface sown or rolled over the soil surface.

Seeds of cotton panic grass from Native Seeds should be sown at a depth averaging to about five millimetres or more. These seeds have lightweight and fluffy nature and need to be palletised prior to sowing.

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