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Information on apricot kernels and alkaline food items from Natural Health Australia

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Natural Health Australia  is a health portal that provides comprehensive information on topics like nutrition, bodywork and spiritual development. This health portal also provides several techniques for improvising the lifestyle naturally by creating positive changes. The health programmes provided by Natural Health Australia enable to change the outlook of the individual.

Natural Health Australia covers a vast range of topics in nutrition sector. This healthy portal provides information on alkaline foods, apricot kernels, barley grass, fibre, organic foods, minerals, proteins and several other nutrition products. Alkaline food items include potatoes, green vegetables, corn, dried fruits, citrus fruits, almond milk, dates, figs, mushrooms and wheatgrass. Alkaline food products offer protection against diseases such as heartburns, bloating, insomnia, water retention, migraine as well as constipation. Alkaline food products enable to increase the alkalinity level of the body.

Apricot kernels are obtained from the seed of apricot fruit. These kernels have bitter taste with high nutritive content. Natural Health Australia provides valuable information on these kernels. Apricot kernels consist of vitamin B17 that is also known as amygdaline. These kernels are also referred to as apricot almonds or bitter almonds. The unique advantage of this kernel is its anti cancer properties. Apricot consists of vital minerals such as iron, potassium and phosphorous. Natural Health Australia advises to consume about four to five apricot kernels on a daily basis.

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