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Negri Australia, for Wood Chippers in Australia, Tweed and Goldcoast


Supplier news
22/07/08 - Negri Australia offers the R220 series of woodchippers. These woodchippers have been specifically designed for heavy duty contractors and large farm implements. The R220 woodchippers possess a total weight of about 210 kilograms.
Supplier news
21/07/08 - Negri Australia provides the R180 series of woodchippers. These woodchippers have been specifically manufactured for small farms and contractors. The R180 woodchipper consists of easily accessible chipping drum and tow attached to the rear of a small
Supplier news
18/07/08 - Negri Australia specialises in providing woodchippers and mulchers. These woodchippers and mulchers possess heavy construction and specifically designed for continuous farming operations. Negri Australia has been supplying these woodchippers and mulc

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444 Pacific Hwy
NSW 2484
Tel: 02 6672 2877
Fax: 02 6672 2850

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