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Portable moisture testers from Neil's Parts

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Neil's Parts  supplies portable moisture testers. Different types of portable moisture testers include mini GAC, mini GAC plus, M3G and M20P types. Mini GAC and mini GAC plus portable moisture testers have been specifically designed for testing the moisture content of grains. These moisture testers comprise of an attractive touch pad in combination with backlit screen. Mini GAC and mini GAC plus from Neil's Parts has total weight averaging to less than two and a half pounds. Other features of these moisture testers include right or left handed operation, hands free carbine clips and available in conjunction with thermal moulded carrying case.

Various beneficial features of these portable moisture testers, supplied by Neil's Parts, include nine volt battery unit, PC programme for calibration editing, USB connector, test weight measurement capability, individual biasing of all kinds of grain moistures and capable of loading new grain calibrations from external computer.

M3G portable moisture testers from Neil's Parts consist of factory pre programmed provision for crops such as corn, soybeans as well as wheat. Grain labels are listed on the easy to display unit of this tester. Other features include rugged metal housing, sample averaging option, USB port for grain calibration and capable of storing about ten individual samples.

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