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Exhaust stacks and clamps from Nelson Exhaust (Qld)

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Nelson Exhaust (Qld)  specialises in the supply of exhaust equipment. Nelson Exhaust (Qld) distributes exhaust equipment of renowned brands such as Fleetguard, Nelson, Tieco, Donaldson and Jord. Nelson Exhaust (Qld) has been supplying these exhaust equipment for about 35 years. Fleetguard exhaust equipment can be used for various applications such as heavy and medium duty trucks, stationary power units, industrial equipment, mining, marine as well as agriculture units.

Nelson Exhaust (Qld) supplies different components of exhaust equipment. Exhaust stacks are available in mild steel, aluminised steel as well as chrome plated finishes. Nelson Exhaust (Qld) supplies two different types including round shaped outlets and oval shaped outlets. Aluminised exhaust stacks are known for extended durability and also highly functional. Fleetguard exhaust stacks include nickel plated and chrome finished stacks that comply with industry standards. Aluminise steel stacks are available in black colour.

Nelson Exhaust (Qld) supplies heavy duty exhaust clamps that have been specifically designed for fast, easy as well as accurate operations. These clamps ensure to provide maximum clamping force. These clamps need to be thoroughly inspected for efficient operation of exhaust equipment.

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