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Progeny testing programmes conducted by Nerstane Merino Stud

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Nerstane Merino Stud  utilises progeny testing and ewe selection programmes for the effective breeding of sheep. Progeny testing programmes have been specifically developed for improving the accuracy of breeding values. This programme is evaluated on the basis of the individual performance of the sheep. The performance value of a ram indicates its breeding value, while the performance of its progeny gives an indication of the ram’s genetic value.

Nerstane Merino Stud selects about nine young sires for progeny testing programmes on a yearly basis. This programme has also been linked to the Central Test Sire Evaluation programme which enables young progeny rams to be assessed against older rams from Nerstane Merino Stud. Progeny testing programmes devised by Nerstane Merino Stud can be used for the efficient determination of a ram’s breeding value. This is achieved based on the performance of its progeny.

Nerstane Merino Stud also conducts progeny testing programmes using second stud ewes. Different varieties of sires are subjected to similar progeny testing programmes. The differences observed in the progenies are basically due to the differences in the genetic make up of rams.

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