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Gravel and automatic screen filters from Netafim Australia

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Netafim Australia  provides a distinctive range of filters. These filters are available for various applications and are suited for manual and automated systems. Different types of filters offered by Netafim Australia include gravel filters, hydrocyclone filters, manual filters and automatic screen filters. Gravel filters can be used for primary filtration of water from various sources including reservoirs, dams, open canals, sewage water and other sources. These filters are available in conjunction with individual filters and filter batteries based on filtration requirements.

Hydrocyclone filters from Netafim Australia have been specifically designed for separating sand from well water. Manual disc filters consist of features including compact design, corrosion resistant filter and capability to capture as well as retain large amount of solids. These filters are available in varying filtration grades. Automated screen filters from Netafim Australia possess maximum operating pressure averaging to about two bars with minimum operating pressure of 10 bars. These screen filters include automatic self cleaning electric filters that incorporate sophisticated scanning technology. The filter housing unit has been designed by using materials including plastic, stainless steel and epoxy coated materials. The flow rate of automatic screen filter ranges from four to about 4000 metre cube per hour.

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