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Signature series of organic products from Neutrog Australia

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Neutrog Australia  offers a comprehensive range of certified organic products for plants including soil conditioners and Signature range of organic products. Signature range of certified products includes organic based as well as chemically boosted products. These products are available in different types. Sudden Impact organic product from Neutrog Australia has been specifically formulated for rose plants. This product consists of secondary nutrients as well as micronutrients in the natural state along with boosted levels of minerals like magnesium and iron. Sudden Impact product can be used on all types of flowering plants.

Sudden Impact for lawns from Neutrog Australia includes organic product available in granular forms. This organic product is ideal for lawns as well as non flowering plants. The composition of Sudden Impact organic product includes secondary nutrients and micronutrients in conjunction with boosted levels of magnesium and iron.

Upsurge organic product from Neutrog Australia incorporates micronutrients and secondary nutrients in the natural form. This product has been specifically developed for lawn applications and available in crumble form. Strike Back organic product consists of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous in combination with magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and boron. These products are suitable for all types of potted flowering as well as fruiting plants.

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