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Soil conditioners from Neutrog Australia

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Neutrog Australia  provides different types of soil conditioners. The Cock ‘n’ Bull soil conditioner from Neutrog Australia consists of a mixture of composted poultry and cow manure. Oil conditioners are composed of relatively low levels of various plant nutrients. Cock ‘n’ Bull proves to be an effective source of organic matter and available in fine form. Blood and Borne soil conditioners from Neutrog Australia include various types of essential plant nutrients in its natural form. This soil conditioner is available as a fine powder.

Potting Mix soil conditioner from Neutrog Australia possesses high moisture retention capacity. This soil conditioner functions as an effective base potting mix wherein the required nutrients could be added as and when required. Fowl manure from Neutrog Australia forms an excellent source of organic matter, while Cow manure is composed of various plant nutrients in low levels. Natural Gypsum soil conditioner from Neutrog Australia incorporates high levels of calcium as well as sulphur. These soil conditioners enable to improvise the clay soil structure.

Neutrog Australia also offers Rooster Booster series of organic products for plants. This organic product has a unique blend of composted raw materials and specifically formulated for effective as well as safe feeding of all kinds of garden plants.

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