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CR9000 Twin Rotor Combine Harvesters from New Holland

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CR9000 twin rotor combine harvesters from New Holland are designed for professional harvesting operations with proven field performance.

Available in a range of five models across narrow frame and wide frame options, the twin rotor combines fulfil high expectations for throughput capacity, machine sophistication and ease of operation.

The CR9000 range of twin rotor combine harvesters includes:

  • CR9040 narrow frame, 17" rotor - 240kW rated power/277kW maximum power
  • CR9060 narrow frame, 17" rotor - 268kW rated power/306kW maximum power
  • CR9070 wide frame, 22" rotor - 313kW rated power/345kW maximum power
  • CR9080 wide frame, 22" rotor - 360kW rated power/390kW maximum power
  • CR9090 wide frame, 22" rotor - 400kW rated power/435kW maximum power

All New Holland grain harvesters are powered by the FPT Cursor series engines with a proven track record of reliability, longevity and longer service intervals to ensure long hours of operation during the critical harvesting periods.  

Narrow frame rotary combines have a class leading cleaning area of 5.4 m² while the wide frame models lead with a cleaning area of 6.5 m². These large cleaning areas ensure high quality clean grain all the time.  

Narrow frame combine harvesters have a grain tank capacity of 11,100 litres while the wide frame CR9070/80 models have a capacity of 12,333 litres ensuring long periods between unloading. The wide frame CR9090 has a grain tank capacity of 12,500 litres. Unloading rates of 113 litres/second will empty the grain tank quickly.  

Key features of New Holland’s CR9000 twin rotor combine harvesters: 

  • Twin rotor technology combines the design benefits of centrifugal force and 'grain on grain' threshing to produce clean grains with less damage
  • Fully adjustable rotors are suitable for most Australian grain crops
  • Sectional concaves allow quick and easy changes to be made to suit specific crops
  • Quiet and spacious Harvest Suite cab offers superior operator comfort during extended operation
  • Operator controls are ergonomically located for stress-free operation
  • Full electronic monitoring via the IntelliView colour touch screen keeps the operator informed on all combine functions
  • Moisture and yield sensing functions provided as standard equipment
  • IntelliSteer with a GPS antenna and navigation controller takes the stress out of driving while allowing full yield mapping
  • Optional IntelliCruise will add to the comfort with cruise control
  • Full range of rigid and flexible draper fronts, windrow pickup fronts as well as varifeed and flexible auger fronts are available

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