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FM-1000 display guidance system from New Holland

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Available from New Holland , the Advanced FM-1000 display guidance system features a large 12”/305mm colour touch screen combined with logical functionality. The FM-1000 display guidance system is easy to use and can operate as either a stand-alone manual guidance system or as part of an automated guidance, implement control or steering system. 

The FM-1000 display guidance system is available at a functionality level and price that fits the needs of farmers, with the option to easily upgrade to higher levels of performance as required. The FM-1000 display guidance system will help gain efficiencies, maximizing the return on investment potential as it is interchangeable between vehicles and can be used across a broad range of equipment platforms.

Simon Vigour, New Holland Marketing Manager, explained “Control is the key function of the FM-1000 display, it is capable of handling everything you need in guidance, steering, mapping and application control from the touch of your finger and is the affordable choice to adapt as technology changes. It allows the operator to utilize the tractors selected level of Auto Steering, monitor and control the implement supporting features such as mapping, variable rate control, Boom/Row switching, through to Liquid, Granular, and Anhydrous Ammonia control, and even display up to four externally mounted cameras.”

“When it comes to steering, the operator can choose from a range of steering options including manual guidance using the integrated light bar, assisted Ez-Steer or fully automatic steering whereby the tractor virtually steers itself to a number of predefined field patterns. With the optional 900 MHz radio also integrated into the display, the FM-1000 is ready for real time kinematic (RTK) applications and to provide steering accuracy to within 2.5cm which is ideal for farmers working in controlled traffic environments.”

The seven steering patterns range from curves to spirals and an exclusive free-form steering. “This basically means the operator can set the system to work in virtually any field condition, regardless of obstacles or unique field conditions,” Simon explained.

Simon continued to explain that the dual receivers within the FM-1000 display guidance system provide precision to the tractor and to the working implement behind the tractor. The first receiver controls the tractor’s steering, while the second controls the implement steering. “With two GPS receivers, operators can monitor the individual path of the tractor and implement. If they find the implement is steering along a different path due to field conditions or skew for example, using the FM-1000 they can program the system to steer the tractor off-line and maintain the implement only on the set guidance path. There is also the option to set the steering to keep both the tractor and implement on the guidance path, which is ideal for applications requiring a high degree of steering accuracy.”

The design of the receiver on the FM-1000 display guidance system enables it to pick up a broader range of satellite networks known as the Global Navigation Satellite System, reducing the chance of signal dropout. This ability minimizes the risk of potential signal drop out, allowing operators to keep on working, accurately and reliably, with reduced down-time.

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