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Intelligent user interface puts a harvesting expert in the cab

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The growing sophistication of modern combine harvesters and the importance of achieving maximum grain quality with minimum grain loss have made the operation of a combine an increasingly skilled role. 

New Holland’s Intelligent User Interface puts a wealth of harvesting experience at the disposal of the operator, automatically monitoring output and correcting settings at the touch of a button, allowing less-experienced operators to harvest with confidence and assisting them in optimising the combine to achieve maximum performance.

Key operating parameters are continuously monitored and displayed on the IntelliView monitor and compared with parameters set prior to harvesting. Should operation fall outside  these preset limits, the operator simply presses the ACS (Automatic Crop Settings) Help button on the IntelliView monitor, and the system will recommend changes to the combine setup. The operator can choose to accept or cancel the recommendation, and if accepted thecombine will automatically change the necessary settings.

Grain loss from the separation and cleaning areas as well as the returns volume are monitored. This is further enhanced by monitoring the amount of cracked grain or material other than grain if New Holland’s award-winning Grain Cam system is installed. Drum or rotor speed, concave clearance, sieves settings and cleaning fan speed can all be adjusted by the system to optimise performance. 

“Once the parameters are set by an experienced combine operator, the machine will not need to be regularly checked”, said New Holland Combine & Haytools Product Manager Tony Peters.

“Operators with limited experience can adjust the machine quickly and easily, confident that the adjustments are based on current working conditions and ensuring the highest capacity of the combine is reached”.

In contrast to other control systems, the Intelligent User Interface is the only system available that actively suggests and implements adjustments. 

New Holland will introduce the Intelligent User Interface in Season 2010, with the CR9000 rotary combines being the first to benefit from the new  technology.

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