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NH² hydrogen powered tractor and the energy independent farm

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Fuel and energy represent a large amount of the farmers input costs. Farmers are scattered and dispersed around the country. Therefore, the costs of bringing fuel and energy are also very high.

What do the farmers need?

Farmers need to minimize their risks and keep their operating costs low. They need stability and independence to better control their business operation. Farmers normally have a large amount of available space. And a large amount of resources that can be used to produce energy.

The New Holland solution

The Energy Independent Farm is a new approach, where farmers will be able to generate their own energy to run their farm and agricultural equipment, such as the NH² hydrogen powered tractor. And all of this will be done using Hydrogen, 100% generated from renewable resources, which farmers have plenty of.  

Electricity Generation  

Electrical energy is generated from free and renewable sources, such as wind, solar, waste or biomass, according on its availability in each particular farming area.  

Electricity conversion in Hydrogen (H²): The electrolyser

The electrolyser technology is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. Basically, it needs water and electricity as inputs.
The Hydrogen is safely stored at the farm in high-pressure tanks. And it is ready to be used as a free and clean fuel.  

Why hydrogen?

  • Is an efficient energy carrier
  • It works like a battery, accumulating energy
  • Is more advantageous and cleaner than a conventional battery. No disposal issues
  • It is quicker to refuel, 5 minutes to fill a tank compared to hours required by batteries
  • It is completely carbon-free  
H² conversion into electricity For use in the NH² hydrogen powered tractor:

the first hydrogen-fueled electrical tractor   NH² hydrogen powered tractor is not just a prototype, but a fully functional tractor, featuring a hydrogen tank and fuel cells, that generate the electrical power to run the electrical motors that operate the machine, its systems and implements.  

NH² hydrogen powered tractor at work: the cycle is complete With the NH² hydrogen powered tractor, and the future hydrogen-fueled New Holland machines, farmers will be able to perform all agricultural operations in their farms, based on the hydrogen they produce. The Energy Independent Farm.

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