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New Holland Sets the Standard as Clean Energy Leader

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New Holland  addresses the needs of the agriculture industry with a full line of equipment from tractors and harvesting machinery to material handling systems.  

New Holland continues to offer simple and ingenious solutions that make the right technology accessible to all. Ensuring farming practices are made easier and more productive is at the forefront of the brands strategy for the future.  

The same vision has seen New Holland launch the Clean Energy Leader initiative, leading the way in the development of new products that will be launched into the Australian market over the next 12 months, revolutionising the way farmers use machinery and their impact on the environment.  

As the Clean Energy Leader, New Holland is committed to providing customers with smart solutions that make farming more efficient and environment-friendly.  

New Holland’s initiative commenced in 2006 with the use of biodiesel in agricultural machinery.  

New Holland Marketing Manager Simon Vigour says that New Holland was the first manufacturer to offer 100% biodiesel compatibility in their agricultural equipment. Today 85% of the current product range can run on blends up to 100% pure biofuel.  

He adds that as the Clean Energy Leader, New Holland is deploying the most fuel-efficient technologies available to meet Tier 4A requirements, which means customers can now buy equipment that not only meets the new emission requirements, but also delivers significant fuel economy savings.  

The Tier 4A standards will enable a farmer to run a machine for 100 days and produce the same emissions as one Tier 1 machine previously did in one day.  

New Holland is committed to integrating the best available engine technology to reduce operating costs and increase farmers’ productivity.  

To achieve these fuel efficiency improvements New Holland uses cutting-edge, industry-leading engines with proven reliability.  

New Holland has partnered with Fiat Powertrain Technologies, an environment-friendly manufacturer of engines with extremely low CO2 emissions.  

The end result is an engine designed for maximum output and minimum fuel consumption while meeting the strict standards for Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) requirements.  

New Holland has also developed a website to launch the Clean Energy Leader initiative, allowing consumers to view interviews with New Holland specialists or look up answers to any questions they may have on the new technology.  

Since the first Tier 1 standard was introduced in 1996, successive standards have mandated a significant reduction in emissions, which will conclude in 2014 with Tier 4B facilitating a 90% reduction in particulate matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) compared to Tier 3 regulations.    

As a true Clean Energy Leader New Holland is also looking beyond the regulations of today and envisioning a future world of zero emissions and energy independence for farmers.  

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