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New Holland tractors - built to reduce emissions to Tier 4A compliance

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New Holland has harnessed Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology for its tractors with engines greater than 100hp. This new technology reduces the exhaust emissions of a Tier 4A compliant tractor in operation for 100 days to the level produced by a 1996 Tier 1 in just one day.  

New Holland and its tractors are recognized as clean energy leaders within the agricultural industry.  Since 2006 New Holland has been pioneering the use of biodiesel in tractors and other farm and agricultural machinery since.  New Holland introduced the Energy Independent Farm concept and developed its award winning NH2 concept tractor, powered by hydrogen fuel cells.  

Today New Holland continues to challenge the agricultural market by researching new ways for farmers to achieve energy independence and minimise emissions, moving towards a sustainable future. It is now putting its resources into researching some of the most advanced technologies from around the globe.  

In 2011 the Tier 4A level of diesel exhaust emission regulations have come into place for all medium and heavy duty engines above 174hp (130 kW) throughout North America and Europe. In response New Holland has developed innovative solutions that make farming more efficient, productive and in tune withthe environment.  

SCR technology is an after treatment system that improves performance rather than compromising engine responsiveness, torque or horsepower. It utilizes a catalyst in the exhaust system to transform nitrous oxides in the exhaust gas into harmless nitrogen and water, to bring emissions in line with Tier 4 standards.  

New Holland’s T7, T8 and T9 tractor ranges come with SCR technology as standard.  In comparison to previous New Holland tractor models, those fitted with SCR technology will benefit from:  

  • reduced exhaust emissions (compliant to Tier 4 standards);
  • increased power and torque;
  • improved engine responsiveness to load;
  • greater fuel efficiency; and 
  • longer engine oil and filter service intervals.  
Don Forrester, New Holland’s Product Manager for High Horsepower Tractors says, “We all have a responsibility to the future and the need to reduce toxic emissions. Tractors with Tier 4A emmissionisation compliance go a long way to ensuring a clean air future for future generations of Australian's”  

Mr Forrester adds “Simply put this technology means that we can be 100 times better, or cleaner than we were a decade ago”

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