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Sheep breeding services offered by Newbold

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Newbold  offers sheep breeding services to meat traders and sheep owners with commercial sheep rearing needs. The high performance sheep breeds reared by Newbold include Poll Dorset, Texel and White Suffolk range of sheep. By organising public sales shows, Newbold offers sales services for a range of stud rams. Using traditional and natural breeding strategies, Newbold provides breeding services for a range of meat sheep. The distinct features of the Poll Dorset range of sheep reared by Newbold are its quality meat and its dense short stapled wool. Poll Dorset range of meat sheep can be used for the production of prime lambs.

Poll Dorset breeds have rapid growth rates, muscle development and fleshing characteristics. Newbold selects healthy stud rams for its breeding programmes. Newbold also offers sales and distribution services for a range of sires, semen and stud rams. The Texel range of stud and flock sheep reared by Newbold have large size, muscling and high fertility characteristics. Newbold maintains complete breed history and feeding efficiency information for each of its sheep. With several years of experience in the sheep husbandry industry, Newbold offers reliable and efficient services to its clients in the meat trade.

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