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Fertiliser spreading services offered by North-Hill

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North-Hill  provides harvesting, spreading and stubble management services to farmers and grain growers with agricultural equipment handling and process control needs. Soil preparation and enhancement activities form the basis of all agricultural sowing and seeding processes. North-Hill, with a stock of quality and precision controlled equipment and machinery, offers reliable and accurate spreading services to farmers with soil fertility enhancement and seeding requirements. North-Hill provides spreading services for a range of pasture seeds, super phosphate products, lime, urea, single super products and granular products.

Air boom sprayers supplied by North-Hill are available in a range of models and sizes. These air boom sprayers can be used for accurate and controlled spraying activities. North-Hill offers safe and secure harvesting and spreading services to farmers. North-Hill’s air boom spreaders are available with hydraulic opening and closing control options.

The quality of farm lands can be determined on the basis of the amount of phosphorus content present in the soil. Soil acidity levels can be reduced by applying lime. North-Hill offers efficient agricultural lime application services to farmers with soil fertility management requirements.

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