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Power products company changes name to Northstar Power
15.03.2013 - North Star Transmission Company will henceforth be known as Northstar Power.
North Star Transmission Company announces new distributorship
03.10.2012 - North Star Transmissions has added the WPT range of mechanical PTOs to their product line.
North Star Transmissions specialises in power transmission parts, sales and service
19.04.2012 - North Star Transmissions offers over centre clutches, power shift transmissions, and power take off units for a number of industries, including the agricultural sector.
Find out about North Star Transmissions specialist repair and servicing workshop
12.01.2012 - NST has invested extensively in setting up a workshop with specialist equipment for its transmission repair and maintenance services.
North Star Transmissions offers a variety of over centre clutches
07.03.2011 - Over centre clutches are suitable for a range of agricultural applications, including in irrigation pumps and wood chippers, and are available in a range of capacities from North Star Transmissions.
Powershift Transmissions by North Star Transmissions
24.04.2009 - Sales, service and spare parts supply for a wide range of powershift transmissions including:
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