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Deck Doc Oiling System, Grimes Oils and Coatings

Norwood Products supplies a range of surface coatings for the protection of outdoor timber products exposed to the harsh Australian weather conditions.

These oil treatments and protective coatings are suitable for decks, pergolas, fencing and screening, outdoor furniture, and indeed any outdoor timber structure or form.

Oils for the protection of timber

  • These oil protective treatments penetrate the timber and feed it, helping to prevent splitting and checking in the timber surface.
  • The oil will seal the timber, retaining the natural tannins and moisture in the timber.
Semi drying oil that uses lanolin which is a natural UV protector
Dec Doc absorbs into the timber and remains in a pliable state, that then seals from the inside as well as the outside.

  • Prevents timber from drying out and repels moisture
  • Retains the timbers tannins
  • Retains the natural oils and colour of the timber
  • Penetrates and seals extremely dense timbers.
  • Will not solidify, crack or peel
  • Prevents wood rot, mildew and discolouration
  • Discourages termites and wood borer
Grimes Oiling Systems

  • Grimes and Sons Oil Acrylic is a blend of old world and modern technology, resulting in a natural looking semi transparent oil finish.
  • Only the highest quality ingredients are used.
  • The low odour acrylic protects the timber from the weather while the oil nourishes it and stabilizes it.
Outdoor timber products require a minimum of two coats, while for long lasting results it is advisable to prime the timber with Grimes Timber Protection, which is an oil that penetrates into the timber’s surface, preventing surface checking and splitting.
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